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Because Everyone Matters to God

Dear searcher,

We are so glad that you have taken the time to drop by the Edgewood Baptist website. It has been our experience that many who stop by are  indeed searching. Perhaps you are just beginning or maybe continuing your journey. We say welcome. For many however, this may be part of a painful trek. You may have been hurt by Church or a Church leader. You may have wounds received at the hands of those that were supposed to love you and you are understandably filled with hesitation. We want you to know there are Churches that will welcome you, do their best to prepare you and encourage you on your life walk. We are ready to be one of those Churches when you are ready to give it a shot.

Sundays 9:45 am Sunday School

11:00 am Worship 

Tuesdays 6:30 pm Life Groups

Wednesday Recharge 6:00 pm

Who Are We?

Edgewood is a community of imperfect people, who have encountered the saving Grace that Jesus freely offers. Together, we are on a journey to discover what it means to follow Jesus, live out those values and help others do the same. We desire to become the kind of church described in the Bible, where there’s relevant teaching, heartfelt worship, honest friendships, constant prayer, and compassionate care for those in need.

What Others are Saying

"A sweet group of people. We are so thankful they are a part of our lives" - J&J

"Edgewood is home. I don't know of a better description. I love this family" - M.H.

 "An awesome friendly Bible teaching church"


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Worship Times


9:45 am for Sunday School    

11:00 am for Worship

Tuesday evening 6:30 pm

Life Groups

Wednesdays 6:00 pm Recharge

7:00 pm Worship Choir


Saturday December 7th 6pm Sunday December 8th 11am

Join the Edgewood Family as we celebrate the season of the birth of our Savior, Jesus.


Edgewood Baptist Church

61 Moody Ave. 

Candler, NC 28715



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