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I became a Christ follower some 45 years ago. I was blessed to be a part of a church that focused some of its effort into prophecy teaching. The lead up to the Rapture of the Church, the end times in general, the Tribulation period of time, and the Second Coming of Christ just to mention a few. I loved it and still do. It is exciting on one hand to see so many prophecies coming together. A convergence if you will. A world pandemic, pressure of seditions, hatred, division and so much more. Years past we viewed many of these events as separate and apart not really understanding how they fit together.

And now the other hand. Because of these confusions, many churches began to abandon teaching Bible truths regarding future events. In my opinion, even our institutions have shied away from instructing in prophecy. Churches taking the time to examine and explain prophetical events and warnings have diminished.  As a result, so many of the current generation have no appetite to hear much less to explore some of the truths being revealed before their eyes. They have adopted a “new” theology. One that seems to indicate this world is just going through the changes that societal evolution calls for. It will be okay. It will get better. Just hang in there.

Let me be clear. I do not have all of the answers. In many ways I have many more questions, but I am sure that we are living in the final moments of this creation as we have come to know it. This is not some type of evolution we are experiencing. It is the revealing of long taught biblical events that forecast the future as God has determined it. It would take me much too long to explain all of the reasons I have come to this conclusion.

... Please, you have given me this much time so, allow me to finish…

So many of this current culture have said, “whatever. It’s always been this way”. Can I encourage you to ask someone, anyone up in years if that is true? You will be surprised to find that most who have lived enough life will make it clear, it is not as it has always been. We are clearly seeing and experiencing events that we have never observed before. Something is going on! May I be so bold as to say, these incidents are happening at incredible speeds converging together. Personally, I wake up every day and see something that clearly fulfills another prophecy of the scripture. Yes, it is my conclusion, we are at the end.

I and so many like me have a fear. Not the fear of the events or the damage. No. We are confident that the Creator of all has these moments in control. We have a fear for those in this generation who have lost their way. They believe the teaching that this world will get better. That this is just a glitch in history.

Let me appeal to you in this way. I am either right or wrong. There is no in between. If I am wrong and you are right, what have I to lose? The world goes through a bumpy ride and all is well. I can live with that. I won’t even mind being a kook. I have my life and the things I love. All is good... But what if I’m right and you and others are wrong? Then this world is closing down sooner than later. The coming history is a time filled with extreme hardships at the least and catastrophic events and death at the most.

…I know, I know. Hellfire and brimstone statements. Again, I appeal to you to allow me to finish…

So why this information? Very simply. Because someone loves you! It may be your mom or dad, a brother or sister, or maybe just a close friend. More importantly, you are loved by God. God is not an Ogre with a big stick who cannot wait for us to get out of line. He is a loving Father and our Creator. All of these events are simply warnings to the world. Think of the patience and restraint He has shown.

May I speak to those who have repented, chosen Jesus and turned their lives over to God at some time in the past? It is possible that you have lost your way.  If you are not or have not been involved with a church family, find your way back. Now. Please, seek out a congregation that holds to and teaches the Bible as complete truth. You may have some struggles at first, but this is what God designed you for.

Lastly, allow me to speak plainly to those who have not sincerely put their faith in Christ. Time may be running out for you. I pray not, but it looks scary from my point of view. Jesus died for sinners and that is my appeal. God sent His Son, to die and take your sin (stuff that God doesn’t approve of) upon Himself. All He asks is that you believe that and prove your belief by confessing to Him (prayer) that understand you are a sinner, turning away (repentance) from your current bad ways and committing your life to Him (follow).

Just some thoughts to consider

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