Our Mission

We will strive to become a thriving Church committed to reaching the skeptical, marginalized, hurting and unchurched, pointing them to hope found in Christ

What We Think About People

  • Everyone is important 

  • Life is too hard to do alone

  • ​There are new ways to reach people that have never been tried

  • ​There are plenty of people that need our help

  • ​Serving God should be fun as well as rewarding

  • ​You should be able to be yourself at Church

Ever Wonder What You Are Here For?

The Heart Felt Things that We Believe


1.  The Bible is totally truthful and uniquely powerful. It is a complete and perfect guide for life. We will trust, teach, obey, and live it out loudly.

2.  We will attempt big things for a big God. We will go “all in,” choosing to take risks in faith over playing it safe.


3.  We will do whatever it takes, short of sin, to find people far from God and lead them to life in Jesus.


4.  We are crazy about broken people. We hunger to see people healthy and growing and we’ll get our hands messy to make it happen.


5.  We won’t hold back when it comes to worship. We will express our love for God freely so that our passion for him is obvious to a watching world.


6.  We walk with people through the next step on their journey to be just like Jesus, and we keep the pathway clear.


7.  We will bring out the best in people. We don’t use or control people. Instead we will involve, empower, and release people to do great, world-changing things for God.


8.  We stay fast, fluid, and flexible. There are no sacred cows. We embrace the pain of change for the win of seeing more people meeting Jesus.


9.  The local church is the hope of the world, and the kingdom comes first, even before our own success. We will multiply as believers, as small groups, and as a church to fill the world with God’s glory.