Two thousand years have passed since Paul penned 2 Thessalonians. The Roman Empire, and the ancient city of Thessalonica, have been reduced to rubble. You can buy a ticket to tour the ruins. The Greco-Roman gods—once the object of so much worship, devotion, sacrifice, and hope—have been relegated to museums and the occasional Disney film.

So much has changed in the world since the Thessalonians assembled to hear this letter from their beloved apostle. Yet, in many ways, little has changed. Are we really so different today? The Thessalonians faced intense opposition for their faith. Some of their central beliefs had been challenged and attacked. To them it seemed as if the world was crumbling down around them.

Just as they in those trying times, we too need encouragement. We too need hope. We too need assurance. And from beginning to end, we too need the Grace that God offers.

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