Are you just about to give up on God and Church? 

Have you been through times of struggle in your life that left you wounded and doubting?

Have you asked God for help only to feel as if He's let you down?

Have you just about given up on church and Christianity?

Have you been burned in the past by someone who claimed to be a Christian?

Have you tried different churches but they didn't seem to have anything relevant to say to your life?


And yet, even after all that, there is still a part of you that wonders, "What if God could be a part of my life?" A part that wonders, "What would it be like to have a loving church family of friends to share my triumphs and hardships?"

What if it were possible?  What if there were a different kind of church out there?

Edgewood is a church for people who don't have their lives all together.
It's a church for people who have more questions than answers.
It's a church for people who want to have close spiritual friendships but maybe aren't ready yet to trust someone.
It's a church for people who are spiritually hungry and trying to find somewhere to get a decent meal.
It's a church for people who would like to have God be a real part of their lives, but have no idea how to make that happen (or even if it's possible).
Just for a moment, allow yourself to hope: what if things could be different? What if there was a Church out there that I could really fit in to.


Maybe there is.  Maybe you just found it!